2016 Events

In 2016, we presented 16 events to 900 people around Chicago’s south side. We hosted a series of films about women and minorities in labor movements and unearthed a forgotten anarchist filmmaker. Not a bad year.

The Chair & The Last Request

Apr 27 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

In My Father’s House

May 7 @ SMG Chatham

Family Saturday: Folktale Films

May 21 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Dharma Vision

Jun 30 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

At the River I Stand

Aug 25 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle

Sep 8 @ Pullman Library

The Harlem Renaissance

Sep 14 @ Blanc Gallery

HSA Strike & I Am Somebody

Sep 26 @ SEIU Healthcare

Finally Got the News

Oct 9 @ Black Cinema House

The Great Flood

Oct 12 @ Blanc Gallery

Union Maids & The Willmar 8

Nov 13 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Big Fun in the Big Town

Dec 1 @ Columbia College

La Grande Illusion

Dec 1 @ Columbia College

Anarchist Films by Nick Macdonald

Dec 2 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Nguzo Saba Films

Dec 3 @ Logan Center for the Arts