Martin Luther King: An Amazing Grace

Monday, January 20 | DuSable Museum

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Art Worlds of the South Side: The Q&A

With Candace Ming and Rebecca Zorach

The Spook Who Sat by the Door: The Q&A

With Sandra Jackson-Opoku, David Lemieux, and Jamilah Lemieux

AfriCOBRA: The Q&A

With Deva Newman, Gerald Williams, and D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem

The Mural Movement and the Black Arts Movement: The Q&A

With Arlene Turner Crawford, Eugene Eda Wade, and Rebecca Zorach

Earthkeeping: The Q&A

  facebookinstagramtwitteryoutube   AfriCOBRA: Art for the People - The Q&A Q&A with Second City faculty member Sean Cusick after a screening of episodes of the 1972-73 series Earthkeeping at the Experimental Station on October 3, 2018. Sean Cusick (SC): A lot of...

Debra Robinson: The Interview

Interview in advance of her 2017 screening