2014 Events

In 2014, we started rediscovering long-lost films, including a documentary about the Attica uprising and a fictional film about the Chicago Seven trial.

Picasso and the Mayor

Jan 26 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

Bring the Ruckus: Red Grooms on Celluloid

Apr 26 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

Camera on Chicago

May 26 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Analog Dreamscape

Jun 14 @ UIC

Very Fine Cats Indeed

Jul 26 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere


Aug 26 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Sing-Along The Wiz

Sep 26 @ SMG Chatham

Fatal Frame: Avant-Garde Horror

Oct 26 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

Chicago Eight (Seven) on Film

Nov 9 @ Logan Center for the Arts