2022 Events

We have a lot of great films in store for you in 2022! Hollywood westerns, Japanese feminist video art, films about birds, and more.

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

Mar 4 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Family Saturday: Birds

Apr 2 @ Logan Center for the Arts

On the Other Island

Apr 18 @ Doc Films

Towards Tenderness

May 9 @ Doc Films

Memories in Motion: SSHMP

May 21 @ Bronzeville Historical Society

Say My Name

Mar 26 @ Bronzeville Historical Society

Prefiguring Immediacy: Mako Idemitsu

Apr 3 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Remembering Wei Yi-Fang

Apr 25 @ Doc Films

Killing Time + Twice as Nice

May 16 @ Doc Films

I Am Somebody

May 23 @ Doc Films

A Tribute to Sarah Maldoror

Mar 28 @ Doc Films

Twice as Nice

Apr 11 @ Doc Films

Black Nations/Queer Nations

May 2 @ Doc Films

Short Films by Marlon Riggs

May 19 @ South Side Community Art Center