Documentation of some of the discussions we’ve had following our film screenings. This section is still under construction.


Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues

Maggie Brown
Oct 16 @ Bronzeville Historical Society

The Black Theater: The Making of a Movement

Maséqua Myers
Oct 30 @ Bronzeville Historical Society


Rea Tajiri: History and Memory

Rea Tajiri, Vincent Schleitwiler, Chelsea Foxwell
Nov 7 @ Twitch


Liz White’s Othello

James Vincent Meredith, Ron OJ Parson, Honey Crawford
Jun 1 @ Logan Center for the Arts


Welcome to This House

Barbara Hammer, Jennifer Wild
Feb 17 @ Logan Center for the Arts


Sean Cusick
Oct 3 @ Experimental Station

AfriCOBRA: Art for the People

Deva Newman, D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem, & Gerald Williams
Nov 17 @ DuSable Museum

Art Worlds of the South Side

Candace Ming & Rebecca Zorach
Sep 15 @ DuSable Museum

Cry of Jazz & Chicago Blues

Ayana Contreras
Oct 20 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Men of Bronze

Christopher Reed & Howard Mandel
Dec 6 @ DuSable Museum

The Spook Who Sat by the Door

Sandra Jackson-Opoku, David Lemieux, & Jamilah Lemieux
Sep 28 @ Chicago State University

The Mural Movement and the Black Arts Movement

Arlene Turner Crawford, Eugene Eda Wade, & Rebecca Zorach
Nov 10 @ South Side Community Art Center


I Be Done Been Was Is

Debra Robinson & Kellye Howard
Mar 7 @ DuSable Museum

Rats, Roaches, & Resistance

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor & Rebecca Zorach
Apr 1 @ CSRPC


The Chair

Charles “Chick” Hoffman & Geraldine Smith
Apr 27 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

El Teatro Campesino

Martin Unzueta, Jacqueline Lazú, and Marcopolo Soto
Oct 19 @ La Catrina Cafe

Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle

Erik Gellman & Christopher Reed
Sep 8 @ Pullman Library

Finally Got the News

Annie Sullivan & Mike Siviwe Elliott
Oct 9 @ Stony Island Arts Bank

Chicago Hip-Hop Pioneers

Ang13 Zone & Risky Bizness
December 1, 2016


Kartemquin Members’ Work for Hire

Apr 24 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Japanese Surrealism

Kara Jefts & Harrison Sherrod
Jun 4 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere


Great Chicago Conspiracy Circus: The Interview

Kerry Feltham, Diane Grant
Nov 4 @ Logan Center for the Arts


Revolution on Film: Black Veterans

Peter Kuttner & travis
Aug 9 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Revolution on Film: Black Power Poets

Amaris Selah
Aug 2 @ Logan Center for the Arts

Revolution on Film: Medium Cool

Robert Paige, Rebecca Zorach
Jul 12 @ Logan Center for the Arts