“The Last Pullman Car” on WTTW, Labor Day

Quite fittingly, Kartemquin Films’s documentary The Last Pullman Car is playing on WTTW on Labor Day at 10pm. If you missed our screening last fall, quite fittingly at the Pullman State Historic Site, we advise you to check it out. Here’s a bit about the film, a fumbling attempt to explain why it’s so great....

More Press from Chicago Weekly

Chicago Weekly writes another nice article about South Side Projections. Please note: our director’s taste in movies is not like Michael Bay’s. Otherwise, great article.

New Site on the Way

An old friend is in the process of designing a new site for South Side Projections, and it comes with a new look for the whole organization. Here’s a rough mockup. It’s amazing what you can do with, you know, expertise. From now on, we’ll leave the designing to the designers and concentrate on the...

Pullman Press

The University of Chicago’s newspaper Chicago Weekly wrote a really nice article about the October 1 screenings. Meanwhile, Chicagoist orders you to attend this Saturday’s screening of Kartemquin’s The Last Pullman Car, which sounds like good advice to me.

Alphabet Soup!

SSP is partnering with CTVN and ASN! As part of our commitment to using film and video to educate as well as entertain, South Side Projections will be presenting a one-hour film and video program to students enrolled in the Community Television Network/After School Matters video program at Bowen High School on October 19. Read...