Our new series of recent documentaries about undocumented immigration runs from February 28 through June, and we need your help to pull it off. A variety of friends and Chicago-based groups have generously donated books, DVDs, tickets, memberships, and time for us to give away as thank-you gifts to people who help support this project.

Why undocumented immigration?
In the midst of the current presidential administration’s war on immigration, it’s important to look past the headlines and sound bites to figure out the real story about undocumented immigrants. We hope this film series will help further that goal by sharing personal stories of immigrants, including some of the myriad different reasons people decide to leave their homes and come to the United States, how living in fear of deportation and ICE raids affect families, and some of the other effects of being undocumented on people’s everyday lives.

Description of the series
Five monthly screenings of recent documentaries, each one followed by a panel discussion, begin on February 28 and run through June at locations around Pilsen, Little Village, and Hyde Park. Films include Llevate mis amores (All of Me), about women in a Mexican town who give food and other supplies to migrants on the train to the United States; The Other Side of Immigration, about how migration changes towns and villages in Mexico; Don’t Tell Anyone (No le digas a nadie), about a young undocumented immigrant who writes an advice column for other immigrant girls; Elvira, about an undocumented woman caught up in an anti-terror sweep at O’Hare and turned into a reluctant immigration activist after she seeks asylum at a Humboldt Park church; and another film to be determined.

The films will be introduced by scholars, activists, and other people with personal experiences of immigration, and they are both an invitation to non-immigrants to come learn something from people with those experiences, and a request to immigrants or their families to share their stories and correct the widespread anti-immigrant rhetoric.

The series is co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Chicago, the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, and Contratiempo.

Where will the money go?
Donated funds will help cover film rental ($1000), honoraria for speakers ($2000), wages for videographers to document the events ($500), and promotion ($250).

Donation Levels

NO SWAG NECESSARY — donate whatever amount you wish, and you get…
our hearty thanks.

THE BUTTON — donate $10, and you get…
our hearty thanks plus a South Side Projections button.

THE SHIRT — donate $25, and you get…
a South Side Projections t-shirt ($15 value), plus the thanks and the button.

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THE PRINT — donate $35 and you get…
a limited edition actress print by Alexandra Ensign, illustrator of Cocktails for Ding Dongs ($20 value), plus the thanks and the button.

jeanne tura filler
Prints of Jeanne Moreau, Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, Diana Rigg, Ava Gardner, and Tura Satana are available

Choose your print

THE BOOK — donate $50, and you get…
one of the following books ($25-$40 value), plus the thanks and the button.

uplift wall-of-respect larebellion
Uplift Cinema: The Emergence of African American Film and the Possibility of Black Modernity by Allyson Nadia Field (3 available) The Wall of Respect: Public Art and Black Liberation in 1960s Chicago edited by Abdul Alkalimat, Romi Crawford, and Rebecca Zorach (5 available) L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema edited by Allyson Nadia Field, Jan-Christopher Horak, and Jacqueline Najuma Stewart (3 available)

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Donate $50 and you get…
one of the following DVDs from Kartemquin Films and Scrappers Film Group ($20-$40 value), plus the thanks and the button.

abacuis unbroken newambig
Abacus:Small Enough to Jail Unbroken Glass The New Americans
prisoner CollectiveYearsDVD_1 thax
Prisoner of Her Past The KTQ Collection Vol. 4:The Collective Years Thax: A documentary about Chicago poet Thax Douglas

Choose your DVD

THE SISKEL — donate $100 and you get…
The pair of Gene Siskel Film Center memberships has been claimed!

THE TOUR — donate $100 and you get…
A south side mural tour led by Rebecca Zorach, Mary Jane Crow Professor of Art History at Northwestern University and the co-editor of The Wall of Respect, plus the thanks, button, and letter. We’ll be in touch to schedule your tour, which will occur after it gets warm outside.

THE PROJECTOR — donate $100 and you get…
naming rights for one of our projectors. Seriously! We have a ViewSonic video projector, a 16mm Eiki xenon projector (the Eiki has been named), and a 16mm Bell & Howell projector. You can name one of them just about anything you want (within reason—offensive names not allowed), and we’ll create a tasteful label to affix to the projector and will mention its name (and its benefactor if you wish) when we use it at a screening. We’re serious.

THE COURT — donate $200 and you get:
Two tickets to any production at the Court Theatre ($140 value), plus the thanks and the button. We’ll email you ticket vouchers.


Thank you to the Court Theater, the Gene Siskel Film Center, Kartemquin Films, Scrappers Film Group, Alexandra Ensign, Rebecca Zorach, and Allyson Nadia Field for your generous donations of goods and time.


All donations to South Side Projections are tax-deductible. However, your deduction is generally limited to the amount you donate, minus the retail value of anything you get in return.