There are some great films being shown around the south side this week. If you’re looking for something to see and you’ve had your fill of Guardians of the Galaxy, you should check these hot titles out and support your local theaters/film festivals.

FRIDAY, August 8th – 7:00PM, 9:00PM @ Doc Films
Psycho Beach Party
Dir. Robert Lee King (2000, 95 min, 35 mm)
It’s not just hot bodies and waves for high school student Florence Forrest, nicknamed Chicklet, when there’s a killer lurking around her quiet beach town. The catch? Chicklet has multiple personality disorder. Full of suspense and plenty of laughs, see if you can guess the killer before this homage to B-films ends.

SATURDAY, August 9th – 7:00PM, 9:15PM @ Doc Films
Wet Hot American Summer
Dir. David Wain (2001, 97 min, 35 mm)
Take a look back into the life of summer camp during the 1980’s with stars Janeane Garafalo, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and Molly Shannon as the staff of Camp Firewood, all vying for that last summer fling. Hilarity ensues with all sorts of dysfunction, right up to the end at the, you guessed it, camp talent show.

MONDAY, August 11th – 6:00PM @ Blackstone Branch (4904 S. Lake Park Ave.)
In Our Heads About Our Hair
Dir. Hemamset Angaza (2012, 79 min, DVD projection)
There’s a history to black hair that goes beyond what we see in the media and Angaza’s documentary enlightens us on the politics and the issues these woman face in the complex love/hate relationship with their hair, including the struggle to conform the mainstream style of beauty or to risk going natural. This screening is in conjunction with the Black Harvest Film Festival.

WEDNESDAY, August 13th – 7:00PM @ Doc Films
Dark Blue Almost Black
Dir. Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (2006, 105 min, 35 mm)
Arévalo’s feature film debut follows the lives of Jorge, Paula, Antonio, and Israel in this dizzying story of finding control in the chaos around them, be it finding a new job or understanding the relationship their father has with an erotic masseur.

WEDNESDAY, August 13th – 6:00PM @ Blackstone Branch (4904 S. Lake Park Ave.)
‘Family Matters’ Shorts Program
This is a shorts program presented in conjunction with the Black Harvest Film Festival. It features the following:

BARBASOL, Dir. Ralph K. Scott (2012, 22 min, DVD projection)
The young teaches the old a lesson.
A DIFFERENT TREE, Dir. Steven Caple Jr. (2013, 15 min, DVD projection)
A young girl is assigned to map her family tree in school, requiring her to communicate with her absent father.
TEXT TONE, Dir. Sandrel “Sanicole” Young (2013, 13 min, DVD projection)
Dodging his girlfriend on their six-month anniversary to avoid meeting her father, he explores young love through text messaging.

THURSDAY, August 14th – 7:00PM @ Doc Films
The Little Giant
Dir. Roy Del Ruth (1933, 76 min, 35 mm)
It’s the end of prohibition and bootlegger Bugs Ahearn (Edward G. Robinson) trades Chicago for high society Santa Barbara. With the help of Ruth Wayburn (Mary Astor) he learns how to navigate the various social circles and their games, but he still has to avoid them shaking him down for all he’s worth!